Dr Hall is a Clinician Scientist in the Division of Cancer Care and Epidemiology of the Queen’s Cancer Research Institute in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The Division of Cancer Care and Epidemiology is one of six Applied Research Units funded by Cancer Care Ontario. The group consists of 11 principal investigators involved in Health Services Research and Population studies. In general the goal is to improve cancer outcomes by evaluating the elements of access to care, quality of care, system efficiencies and governance. Dr Hall is also an Adjunct Scientist at ICES@Queen’s.

Dr Hall uses population-based research and clinical epidemiology methodologies to uncover evidence on important therapeutic questions in head and neck oncology where such evidence is lacking. The premise of his research program is that the variations in treatment across Ontario can be used to understand outcomes for fundamental questions when clinical trails will not be done. His research interests include the treatment of oropharyngeal cancer, the incidence of thyroid cancer, the treatment of thyroid cancer,  measurements of comorbidity, cancer staging, access to medical/surgical services and the role of clinical follow-up after cancer treatment. He is currently funded by The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, The Ontario AHSC AFP Innovation Fund, the Kingston General Hospital, the Department of Otolaryngology and the Queen’s School of Medicine.

Dr. Stephen Hall recieving a grant from the Canadian Cancer SocietyHis research office is located at:

10 Stuart St
Level 2
Division of Cancer Care and Epidemiology
Kingston, Ontario,   K7L 3N6