Dr Hall is a retired otolaryngologist/head and neck surgeon, a Senior Scientist at the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences (Ontario) and Professor Emeritus at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  Dr Hall used population-based research and clinical epidemiology methodologies to uncover evidence on treatment effectiveness in head and neck oncology where current evidence was flawed or biased. His research interests include the treatment of oropharyngeal cancer, the incidence of thyroid cancer, the treatment of thyroid cancer, measurements of comorbidity, cancer staging, the overdiagnosis of disease, the overuse of medical tests and the role of clinical follow-up after cancer treatment. His research program was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health,  the Canadian Cancer Society / National Cancer Institute of Canada, the Ontario AHSC AFP Innovation Program, the  Applied Health Research Program (ICES/MOH), Queen’s University, the Clinical Teachers of Queen’s University, the Kingston General Hospital and the Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization.